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Anchor Day

The Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) has allowed students from limited financial means to earn a majority of their own cost of education while giving them early access to professional skills and networks well ahead of their peers for nearly 30 years.  The pandemic has impacted operations and partnerships but remains the anchor of Cristo Rey in every form it has taken as school leaders respond in real time to employer demands. 

For the 2023- 2024 school year, the CWSP will once again adapt to the reality of the ever-evolving workplace.  While many companies have returned to offices, students included, most do not work in person on Fridays. At the same time, those companies are asking students to perform more advanced work tasks that align with the post-covid workplace.  With those driving forces, the CWSP will no longer deploy student workers to offices on Fridays, instead designating that as Anchor Day.   

This Anchor Day schedule means that for the first time in Cristo Rey’s history, all students will be on campus at the same time – a tremendous opportunity for community building and collaboration in addition to enhanced student training.  Because of pandemic-related impacts to job partnerships, 75 freshmen will not have immediate placements and will participate in Anchor Fridays; the curriculum will include in-house trainers and external partners who can provide a breadth of experience on critical thinking, communication, computer literacy, professional presentation, coding, executive function skills, time management, and personal finance.  Upperclassmen will receive an additional one hour per week dedicated to the CWSP, with time designated for 1:1 mentoring and grade-level programming. 

In conjunction with the creation of Anchor Day, Cristo Rey has developed the Anchor Fund.  The Anchor Fund will support all aspects of this new Anchor Day and related Corporate Work Study Program needs.   

There are opportunities to support Anchor Day activities through corporate engagement. Please reach out to Taylor Sticha, Director of Strategic Initiatives to learn more.